Mindset in Business: Process vs. Random

Your mindset determines the success or failure of your business. It guides your approach from how you solve problems to how you go about achieving your goals for your landscaping business. Without the right mindset, you’ll be left flip-flopping, wasting precious time and money. Frustration will eventually set in and with it, a downward spiral. […]

Video: How to Bypass Broken Valve Wires

Bypass Broken Sprinkler Wires

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uu_vUXm6nU8 When your sprinklers are not watering, the question comes down to WHY. Sometimes a quick visual inspection will tell you what the problem is. And other times it will take a bit more troubleshooting to find the problem. But that’s just the beginning. Once you know whats wrong, you now have to figure out […]

4 Lawn Care Results Clients Expect and How You Can Deliver Them

4 Results Clients Expect

Introduction There are four fundamental results clients expect when they hire you as their lawn maintenance and/or lawn care contractor. In this article, I’ll break down what these outcomes are and how you can deliver these results using best practices. Let’s get started. Difference between Lawn Maintenance and Lawn Care Some see the words “maintenance” […]

Hardscape Design: The Elements Of Great Backyard Hardscape Ideas

Hardscape Design

The word “hardscape” describes the man-made features used in landscaping and garden design, such as paths or walls. This is in contrast to vegetation, which is known as “softscape”. Planning and designing a backyard is an exciting task. Whether it’s setting up a barbecue grill, adding a unique fireplace, a water fountain, a treehouse, or […]

How to Get Your Next 100 Landscaping Clients in 90 Days

How to get 100 new clients in 90 days

Who this article is for: Entrepreneurs that want to rapidly grow their landscaping business (newby friendly). What you’ll learn: How to get your next 100 landscaping clients in 90 days How to build a system to grow your businesses How to charge more than your competitors Entrepreneurs that want to rapidly grow their landscaping business […]