Frequently Asked Questions


How to get help installing my product?

While we try to keep the complicated stuff on the inside, sometimes you may have a question. Or maybe the dog ate your set of installation instructions and you could use some new ones. Either way, our tech support is available by phone or email. If you are looking for product information, specs and installation instructions, you may view them by clicking here.

Why does my sprinkler controller start by itself?

This can happen when more than one controller is on a system. It is typically caused by electrical feedback where power from one controller energizes the circuit and activates other controllers on the same system.

The best way to solve this problem is to use an ISOLATOR on each controller. It prevents the electrical feedback so all controllers on your system are protected.

How to add stations to a controller?

When adding valves to an irrigation system, you will also need additional stations on the controller. Some controllers are now modular and you can purchase additional “modules” to add more stations when needed. These are typically pretty easy to install and the procedure varies by controller.

But what if you don’t have a “modular” controller or if your controller is full? Well, the best way to upgrade your controller is with PiggyBack. It adds up to 4 additional stations and eliminates the conflicts a second controller adds to your system.

PiggyBack connects to your existing controller for its power and start time so there is no programming required. It will allow you to add more valves to water those new shrubs, flowers or drip lines and take advantage of those extra field wires.

How to fix broken sprinkler?

Fixing a broken sprinkler is usually a pretty easy job and will mainly consist of purchasing and installing a replacement for the broken part. Identifying the problem will be the first step in a successful repair.

If the sprinkler is not spraying correctly this may be due to the head needing to be cleaned, adjusted or replaced. It may also just be a clogged screen. If these are pop up sprinklers, you will need to pull the pop up portion up to be able to unscrew the head. You will be able to check and clean the heads and screens with the heads off. Once done, screw the heads back on and adjust spray if necessary.

You may need to replace the entire sprinkler if the sprinkler body itself is bad or the internals are malfunctioning. This is a pretty easy task and will consist of uncovering the malfunctioning sprinkler, unscrewing it from the riser and screwing the new unit on. Once the old sprinkler has been removed, check the riser to be sure it is intact and will not be a source of a new leak once the new sprinkler is installed. Install the new sprinkler and then adjust the spray pattern to cover the area needed. Test your work and readjust as needed.

How to run two valves on one wire?

While it is usually not ideal, you can wire two valves together to water at the same time. This can lead to over or under watering of certain areas because everything is watering together for the same length of time. Or even worse, will cause low water pressure situation that can lead to nothing being watered at all.

When you need to operate two valves on one wire – DOUBLER can easily do this and eliminate all these problems. DOUBLER will allow the independent operation of two valves so you can water each zone for the correct amount of time. No wasting water and making a mess out of your landscape.