Bypass Broken Sprinkler Wires

Video: How to Bypass Broken Valve Wires

When your sprinklers are not watering, the question comes down to WHY. Sometimes a quick visual inspection will tell you what the problem is. And other times it will take a bit more troubleshooting to find the problem. But that’s just the beginning. Once you know whats wrong, you now have to figure out how to fix it.

In the case of broken sprinkler valve wires, fixing them is definitely harder than finding the problem. Most of time we don’t even know why the wire has gone bad. We just know that the power is not getting from the controller all the way to the valve to so it can water. And if you don’t even know where to look for the problem, it’s almost impossible to fix. This is when most will start digging up parts of the yard in search of the problem or just resort to trenching from the valve all the way back to the controller to install a new wire.

With Doubler, there is no need to do any digging or trenching. Doubler will allow you to use a good wire from one of your other valves to run multiple valves and still operate them independently. Effectively letting you bypass that broken wire! Doubler can even allow you to add new valves in places that you did not have any additional wires. This will allow you to split zones for changing landscapes without having to trench in new wires. Doubler comes in 2 and 4 valve models and will allow you to complete an all day job in just minutes!

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