Change Sprinkler Heads in Less Than Minute

Change sprinkler heads in less than a minute. No digging. No mess.

Proudly Made in the USA

xTrax Tool - Replace sprinkler heads in less than a minute


No Digging. No Mess.

Quickly change sprinkler heads without digging or without the mess.

Built to Last

Have the peace of mind knowing it's going to work for years to come.

Compact Design

Compact design for easy storage and to carry in your tool belt.

Single Tool

One tool for quick and easy fix.

Rapid Repair

Change sprinkler heads in less than a minute without breaking a sweat.

Made for Professionals

A lightweight yet rugged stainless steel tool built for professionals for everyday use.

Works w/ Most Sprinklers

Works with both pop-up and rotor type sprinklers with 1" to 2 3/16" ID.

Frosted Matte Finish

A beautiful frosted matte finish.

Unbelievably easy to use. If you need to change a sprinkler head, this is the tool you need.

Tim Mercer, Happy xTrax Customer

A gorgeous tool that helped me change 5 sprinkler heads in a few minutes.

Sonya Lerma, Happy xTrax Customer

xTrax - Change sprinkler heads in less than a minute


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Does xTrax work with pop-up and rotor type sprinklers?

Yes, xTrax works with both pop-up and rotor type sprinklers.

Does xTrax work with side inlet sprinklers?

No, xTrax does not work with side inlet sprinkler heads.

What is xTrax made of?

xTrax is made from stainless steel and built for professionals for everyday use.

Will xTrax work with my sprinkler?

xTrax works with most pop-up and rotor type sprinkler heads 1" to 2 3/16" in diameter (ID).

Who is xTrax made for?

xTrax is super easy to use so virtually anyone can use it; however, it's best suited for irrigation professionals, groundskeepers, and handymen who have a need for the tool on a regular basis.

Is xTrax really made in the USA?

Yes. xTrax, as well as all of our other products, are proudly made in the USA. 

What if I need help?

Visit our support page to get help with pre-sales and technical support questions.


Extract a sprinkler head in three easy steps


Remove Sprinkler Cap

Step 1 - Remove sprinkler cap

Clear debris around sprinkler and twist off sprinkler cap


Squeeze & Insert xTrax

Step 2 - Insert xTrax into sprinkler head

Squeeze xTrax and insert into sprinkler head


Twist to Remove Sprinkler Head

Step 3 - Twist and remove sprinkler head

Twist xTrax to unscrew sprinkler head and gently pull to remove

Simply reverse the steps to replace

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