Change Sprinkler Heads in Less Than a Minute

"xTrax makes changing sprinkler heads a breeze"

Tim Mercer | Owner, TBM Handyman Services

xTrax - Change sprinkler heads in less than a minute

How xTrax Works

Extract a Sprinkler Head in Three Easy Steps


Remove Sprinkler Cap

Clear debris around sprinkler and twist off sprinkler cap


Squeeze & Insert xTrax 

Squeeze xTrax and insert into sprinkler head


Twist to Remove Sprinkler Head

Twist xTrax to unscrew the sprinkler head and gently pull to remove

Simply reverse the steps to replace


See xTrax in Action

Works on both pop-up and rotor type sprinklers

What Our Customers Say

Shane Melaugh

“Great tool to use everyday”

“Unbelievably easy to use. If you need to remove a sprinkler head this is the tool you need."

Tim Mercer

Shane Melaugh

“WOW – This tool is as beautiful as amazing!”

“I needed to change a couple of sprinklers in the yard but didn't want to dig them out. I found xTrax and decided to give it try. The took itself is beautiful. It's made from stainless steel and has good weight. I was able to change out all the sprinklers in less than 5 minutes.”

Sonya Lerma
Happy xTrax Customer

Compatible with Many Brands Including

*Not for use on side inlet sprinkler heads

No Digging. No Mess.

You no longer have to dig out sprinkler heads and create a mess. xTrax allows you to easily pull out the old sprinkler head and install a new one fast.

Superior Craftsmanship

xTrax is made from heavy duty stainless steel and designed for ease and comfort for everyday use.

Made in USA

As with all of our products, xTrax is proudly made in the USA.